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Massood Taj is an artist and multi-instrumentalist musician with Persian heritage who creates global music for sacred spaces. Weaving together a tapestry of sounds with array of indigenous musical instruments including Native American, Indian bansuri बांसुरी and Japanese shakuhachi 尺八 flutes invoking the experience of the sacred in all traditions.

Like his music, his artwork as represented in a series of artwork called The Mandala Project evokes the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things.

He is also the Founder of Full Circle Art, an organization specializing in artist imaging, merchandising, artist  promotion, programming and graphic arts and design. He facilitates collaborative music and art workshops for a variety of groups from preschool children through Senior Citizens, to people with cognitive disorders to teachers workshops.

He is the director of programming for the Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission and O’More College of Design’s annual Celebration Of Nations multicultural event.

“Art transcends boundaries, connecting and inspiring to reach the heights of our humanity. Art builds intimacy and community, nurturing the heart of the individual and respect for all cultures and traditions. “


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